Thursday, June 27, 2013

Easy eBook Publishing (Barney Schwartz)

Easy eBook Publishing
Barney Schwartz
B.E.N. Publishing
Nonfiction, Writing
**+ (Bad/Okay)

DESCRIPTION: Learn how to format and publish an eBook with this quick guide.
An eBook-exclusive title.

REVIEW: On the plus side, this book does exactly what it says, walking the reader step by step through eBook software and websites. On the minus side, it does almost nothing else. It doesn't explain any of the options one is presented with. It only touches on pros and cons of different places and methods of e-publishing. Indeed, I'm not entirely sure that this sort of walkthrough isn't covered under any given software's FAQ or help section. The illustrations are also difficult to read on an eInk screen. Being free, I didn't expect too much out of it, but it still feels unnecessary.

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