Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blood for Wolves (Nicole Taft)

Blood for Wolves
Nicole Taft
Nicole Taft, publisher
Fiction, Fantasy/Romance
**** (Good)

DESCRIPTION: Wolf biologist Caroline McKenna was in the field to observe a local pack, not to rescue lost children. When she saw the strange little girl fall into the pond, she had to jump in to help... only to find herself in another world, where wolves are feared - and not without reason.
The forested Kingdom of Red is home to many wolves. At one time, they were friends and companions with humans, even taking human form to intermarry. But a terrible curse lays upon the land, producing savage werewolves and driving man and beast apart with fear. The girl Caroline chased may be the key to ending the curse, but she's being pursued by a powerful enemy, one determined to fan the flames of hatred into all-out war.
Caroline thought protecting wolves from angry cattle ranchers was the hardest part of her job. Here, she faces fear and danger on a whole new level. In the Kingdom of Red, the cursed wolves may just tear out her heart - literally.
A Kindle-exclusive title.

REVIEW: Based loosely on Little Red Riding Hood, Blood for Wolves mixes wolf lore, fairy tale magic, and a healthy dose of romance. For the most part, Caroline makes a strong heroine, fighting her own demons even as she fights to save her much-maligned wolves. I say "for the most part" because she has a way of backsliding now and again, conveniently developing new insecurities or forgetting things she should know. Her love interest, the half-wolf named Wolf (lacking a pack or human associates, he doesn't have a proper name), makes a decent enough match, his behavior just peculiar enough to remind Caroline and the reader that he's not entirely human. Like Caroline, he's not a perfect person; more than once, his animal nature causes trouble. The story itself moves at a decent pace, with plenty of action (clothed and otherwise.) The fairy tale world feels a little thin around the edges, but it serves its purpose as a place to have adventures. It ratchets up to a fine climax that leaves the door wide open for sequels. For the most part, I enjoyed the ride. It almost lost a half-star for some shaky spots, including a disturbing sequence when Wolf's darker nature comes to the forefront, but I'm feeling generous.
On a completely unrelated note, by my calculations, this is my 1000th book review.

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