Saturday, June 15, 2013

Author Vs. Character (Lazette Gifford)

Author Vs. Character
Lazette Gifford
A Conspiracy of Authors
Fiction, Fantasy
**+ (Bad/Okay)

DESCRIPTION: Tormented by nightmares, stuck sleeping in cold barns and piles of straw, surrounded by monsters and enemies, staring down a fate possibly worse than Death itself... and, to cap it all, after five chapters he doesn't even have a name! A frustrated character argues with his Author.
An eBook-exclusive title.

REVIEW: A freebie short story, it sounded like a fun idea. Unfortunately, it reads more like a rough draft, the sort of filler a writer throws in when everything seems to be fighting them, but they don't want to kill their momentum... not the sort of thing one would show to the masses. The formatting annoyed me, as well; it's more like a play than a story, a gimmick that kept me at arm's length as the argument unfolded. I'm sure it was fun to write, though.
(This is the first story I've read on my new Nook tablet; it doesn't appear to be available via Amazon.)

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