Sunday, September 30, 2012

Writer's Block: The How-To Survival Guide for Writers (Larnette Phillips)

Writer's Block: The How-To Survival Guide for Writers
Larnette Phillips
Amazon Digital Services (?)
Nonfiction, Writing
* (Terrible)

DESCRIPTION: An author offers advice, exercises, and more to help writers overcome obstacles and get published.
A Kindle-exclusive title.

REVIEW: I don't expect it's a coincidence that this title has apparently vanished after being offered as a freebie download. (It vanished before I could even confirm the publisher - never a great sign.) This isn't so much an eBook as a collection of unfinished notes. With terrible, confused formatting and little to no logical flow of ideas, I barely managed to crawl through to the end. The slapdash air made me question much of her advice, and I can't say I feel reassured after a quick Amazon search of the author's other published works. There's nothing here that cannot be learned from other sources - even free sources. If it ever turns up online again, don't waste your time.

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