Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The House of Silk (Anthony Horowitz)

The House of Silk
(A Sherlock Holmes novel)
Anthony Horowitz
Mulholland Books
Fiction, Mystery
****+ (Good/Great)

DESCRIPTION: Throughout his long acquaintance with the famed detective Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson faithfully chronicled the many cases, conundrums, and characters that crossed the threshold of 221B Baker Street. Now nearing the end of his twilight years, Watson finally pens the story of Holmes' darkest case, a case whose details were so scandalous and depraved in nature that he dared not even set them on paper until now; indeed, he even leaves instructions with his heirs that the story not be released to the public for a further hundred years.
When the distraught art dealer Mr Carstairs seeks help against a vengeful stranger, Sherlock and Watson both expect a fairly straightforward investigation. But the matter takes an unexpected turn with the death of a young street urchin, one of the detective's squadron of Baker Street Irregulars. Searching for the killer, black rumors reach their ears of the "House of Silk" - but where, what, or who it refers to, even Sherlock Holmes cannot decipher. Their hunt for justice leads to a scandal that could destroy the very heart of London itself.

REVIEW: The first officially authorized Sherlock Holmes adventure in over a century, The House of Silk meshes seamlessly with the characters and the world of history's greatest detective. Horowitz crafts a compellingly complex new mystery that faithfully evokes the spirit of Doyle's original works. The aging Watson reflects on the case with a certain air of nostalgia for his long-lost days as a detective's biographer and friend, perfectly understandable for a man whose final days are upon him. A fun, unpredictable investigation unfolds, with a resolution as satisfying as it is elementary.

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