Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Cat Manual (Michael Ray Taylor)

The Cat Manual
Michael Ray Taylor
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Fiction, Humor
**** (Good)

DESCRIPTION: It's no secret to any cat owner that felines are masters of manipulating mankind, but few suspect just how our erstwhile pets come by their abilities. Discovered by accident and translated from the original Cat language, this book offers a rare glimpse into the feline world. Learn, as your cat herself learned, how to properly present a gift, how to identify the "sucker" in the room, the trick of increasing one's weight at will, and other invaluable lessons.
A Kindle-exclusive title.

REVIEW: A poor man's "Devious Book for Cats," this guidebook was clearly written by someone who knows and loves cats. The chapters rarely run longer than a couple of pages, sometimes ending before they hit their punchline or properly explore their joke. While not hilariously original, it prompted a few chuckles. For the price - free when I downloaded it, 99 cents now - I consider myself reasonably satisfied.

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