Friday, October 7, 2016

How This Book Was Made (Mac Barnett)

How This Book Was Made
Mac Barnett, illustrations by Adam Rex
Fiction, YA Picture Book
***** (Great)

DESCRIPTION: From the spark of an idea (which occurs while arm-wrestling a tiger) through the drafting process, editing, and publication, author Mac Barnett describes how this book came into existence, with a little help from illustrator Adam Rex.

REVIEW: In the spirit of this delightful book, I'd like to present How This Book Review Was Written:
I love reading books, and have for as long as I can reliably remember. Most of what I read, I review, because I like sharing books that I've enjoyed (and even books I haven't enjoyed.) I also work around books, helping library items move from one place to another in a large warehouse... which is where I was when I saw this title. As a reader who also dreams of writing my own book someday, the title and subject matter grabbed my attention. I wanted to read it. Unfortunately, at work, work must come first. (Bosses get testy, otherwise. If they get too testy, I'd have to look for another job, where I'd be less likely to be surrounded by books.) So I waited. And I waited. A few days later, this book returned - and, this time, things were slow enough I could pick it up. So I started reading it. I read it as I worked, which required a little multitasking, but it was the tail end of the day so things were slow anyway. (At least, the bosses didn't get too testy about it.) The story was a fun look at the process of writing and publication (and tiger arm-wrestling), quite enjoyable for readers and would-be writers of all ages who retain a sense of whimsy. I particularly liked the notes on how useful multiple drafts can be, as well as tips on negotiating with an editor. Rex's images add to the narrative, with a nice old-school look. And so, having finished the reading, it was time write my review... though, first, I had to finish work, then shop for groceries, and come home to where my computer and internet connection waited. And thus this review was written and shared with anyone who happens to find it - such as you.

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