Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Princeless: Save Yourself (Jeremy Whitley)

Princeless: Save Yourself
(The Princeless series, issues #1-#4)
Jeremy Whitley, illustrations by M. Goodwin
Action Lab Entertainment
Fiction, Comics/Fantasy
****+ (Good/Great)

DESCRIPTION: Princess Adrienne's parents have a bad habit of locking their daughters in monster-guarded towers, to ensure that only a heroic man ever will inherit the king's crown... but, to date, none have been rescued. That doesn't stop them from trying again with her - but she's not a typical princess, to wait for her Prince Charming. Not when she finds a sword in her tower and decides to become the hero she and her sisters need.
This collection includes the first four issues of the Princeless comics, following Adrienne's escape and first attempts at heroism.

REVIEW: I read (and reviewed) Issue #1 online a while ago, so I decided to buy the complete Volume 1. To be honest, I'd hoped for more than just four issues; it's a fun and fast tale, yet it still feels like it's just getting started, as Adrienne picks up her first allies and enemies - not to mention her first official suit of armor (that hasn't been scavenged from corpses outside her tower, that is.) Numerous tropes get poked at, from fairy tales to fantasy to video games and more, yet the story and characters still maintain their integrity. The illustrations are bright and fun and lively, a perfect complement to the tale. I suppose I'll have to read the next issues, or spring for Volume 2, now - I can't leave things hanging as they are.

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