Thursday, February 18, 2016

Princeless: Get Over Yourself (Jeremy Whitley)

Princeless: Get Over Yourself
(The Princeless series, issues #5-#8)
Jeremy Whitley, illustrations by Emily Martin
Action Lab Entertainment
Fiction, Comics/Fantasy
**** (Good)

DESCRIPTION: Princess Adrienne, her loyal guardian dragon Sparky, and their new sidekick, the half-dwarf smith girl Bedelia, set out on their first official rescue mission. Adrienne's sister Angelica is their first stop. Always the most beautiful in the family, surely she'll be grateful for Adrienne's intervention. But the plucky princess finds a few surprises on the way to the tower that she never imagined.
Meanwhile, Adrienne's father Ashe is determined to destroy the "dragon knight" whom he believes killed his daughter. He summons the seven bravest, boldest, and most eligible bachelor knights in the land: whoever succeeds will get the hand of the princess of their choosing. But King Ashe soon has a fresh problem on his hands, and a possible betrayal from his oldest and most trusted friend.

REVIEW: The story of Adrienne, the princess who rescued herself, continues, with new subplots sprouting as more people become affected by her decisions. In this, her first true test of heroism and her first taste of the real world beyond her castle home and tower exile, she finds that reality doesn't always fit her expectations. Not everyone appreciates her efforts - least of all Angelica, who has turned her good looks into a cottage industry. Is she selling out to beauty standards and sexism, or is she using her gifts to empower herself... and does she really need rescuing, or will Adrienne's efforts destroy everything? The would-be heroine has a lot of growing up to do, as sheer indignation and a quick sword aren't always the best answer to every situation. Meanwhile, the knights promise future complications, as do the actions of Adrienne's mother and father.
On a technical level, a new artist takes over in these issues, doing a decent job maintaining the feel of the characters. The layout, though, sometimes gets confusing, as it cuts back and forth between various storylines a little too often. On the whole, it's still very enjoyable, and I still look forward to Volume 3.

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