Monday, May 25, 2015

Meditation and the Art of Writing (Chris Kunego)

Meditation and the Art of Writing
Chris Kunego
What The ?!? Publishing
Nonfiction, Spirituality/Writing
**+ (Bad/Okay)

DESCRIPTION: Learn to overcome writer's block and increase creativity and productivity through meditation.

REVIEW: This short book misrepresents itself. Rather than discussing writing and offering practical meditation advice, it mostly talks about the general benefits of meditation, then gives a rather vague overview of different forms of meditation - which the reader will have to investigate elsewhere if they want specifics or exercises. There's a little bit on writing, but it's so vague that I'm not entirely sure whether the author does any writing himself (aside from self-help titles), and it really isn't the point of this book. Cut that minimal information out, and it wouldn't affect much. If you're looking for a basic overview of meditation, this might be a decent starting point, but if the author keeps referring you to other books on the subject, why not skip the middle man and go straight to better resources?

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