Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eyes Like Sky And Coal And Moonlight (Cat Rambo)

Eyes Like Sky And Coal And Moonlight
Cat Rambo
Amazon Digital Services
Fiction, Collection/Fantasy
**** (Good)

DESCRIPTION: A commoner woman reminisces about her brushes with a great mage... a case of mistaken identity sweeps a girl off to a magical tower... a centaur secretly records his life of slavery... powerful sorcerers devastate the land with their petty rivalries... These and many more short stories are gathered in this collection by author Cat Rambo.

REVIEW: I got this one as a freebie download for my Kindle. The introduction, however, nearly turned me off to reading it, a rather pretentious little piece by another writer. Overall, especially given my iffy luck with shorts, I found these generally enjoyable. Even the ones I wasn't too fond of had interesting ideas and imagery. Several deal with the same world, but Rambo tells entirely different tales in it with each story, so they read fine as stand-alones. A decent collection of fantasy stories, though some feel rather downbeat.

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