Friday, January 18, 2013

Write a novel in 7 days or less: the shortcut to writing fast and good (Mark Quadmire)

Write your novel in 7 days or less: the shortcut to writing fast and good
Mark Quadmire
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Nonfiction, Self-Help/Writing
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DESCRIPTION: Stop wasting your time dreaming about writing a novel, and do it! Learn how to cut the clutter and excuses, focus your energy, and achieve your dreams - in writing and in life.
A Kindle-exclusive title.

REVIEW: Yet another freebie download, its title immediately put me in mind of those "write a book in an hour and rake in the cash" titles I've seen too many of lately. The author directs his advice at novelists, harnessing the same "just do it"/"don't be afraid to fail in order to thrive" mentality with a far less dishonest and greedy energy. Indeed, he soon turns this writing book into a life-improvement book, which is why I classified it as a Self-Help title as well as a Writing guide. A huge chunk of the (often repetitive) text is devoted to simplifying your life, cutting out wasted time and mental clutter, and transforming yourself into one of those blissful success stories everyone loves reading about without managing to actually become one themselves. By the end, his writing advice gets left in the dust as Quadmire hastens to extol the virtues of goal-setting collages and Warren Buffett-style investment income streams. This change of premise mid-stream - plus a host of minor yet irritating editing errors, which made the whole thing feel like an afterthought effort - nearly cost it another half-mark in the ratings, but in the end I just couldn't be that upset with it, especially as it was free when I grabbed it.

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