Monday, January 7, 2013

Dragons Composed (James Ferris, editor)

Dragons Composed
James Ferris, editor
Kerlak Enterprises, Inc.
Fiction, Anthology/Fantasy
*** (Okay)

DESCRIPTION: From feudal Japan to modern America, from our own past to alternate worlds, the mighty dragon thrives in this collection of tales.

REVIEW: This was offered as a free-for-Kindle download, so - despite my reservations about anthologies - I figured it was worth a try. On the plus side, every single story in this volume actually featured dragons: not metaphoric dragons, not misidentified pseudodragons, but real dragons. They also, with two exceptions, were self-contained tales, not part of other universes or series. On the minus side, the quality and interest level varied significantly. While few outright annoyed me, almost none lingered in my mind in any way, and several simply bored me - telling me about the tale rather than engaging me as it unfolded, or dawdling to foregone conclusions, or simply failing to intrigue me.
Since I'm trying to write short stories of my own, it made for interesting study, but to be perfectly honest I would've much rather had an interesting read.

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