Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Digital Writer's Guide to Twitter (Tracy O'Connor and the Digital Writer)

The Digital Writer's Guide to Twitter
Tracy O'Connor and The Digital Writer (Sean Platt)
Sterling and Stone
Nonfiction, Business
*** (Okay)

DESCRIPTION: The social media revolution's impact on how we work and play cannot be overstated. Instead of powerful gatekeepers controlling access, now everyone - from megacorporations to individuals - has an equal voice. For authors, small businesses, and others looking to carve out their own niche, tools like Twitter are too powerful to ignore. But just how do you get started? Let the Digital Writer explain the ins and outs of Twitter, so you can start building your own brand and writing your own success story.
A Kindle-exclusive title.

REVIEW: I'm one of the few Americans who has not succumbed to Twitter's charms. I was hoping this title would help me understand the fascination... and, perhaps, understand why I might want to join the Twitterverse if and when I ever get my own writing published. Unfortunately, I walked away little more enlightened than I started. The authors get repetitious, talking in circles and catchphrases while stating (and restating, and re-restating) similar points under different headings. They also contradict themselves a few times. While they point out just how powerful a strong Twitter presence can be for a small business, they failed to convince me that it's worth my while to try. Granted, I'm not the most social butterfly in the garden of Life, but when you start talking about the necessity of mastering extra programs and apps to manage your accounts should you "succeed" at Twitter, requiring an investment of time and energy that can be put to use elsewhere (such as, say, writing) you lose me.
I'm not discounting the power of social media, nor am I discounting the value of books like this. I just failed to find it relevant to my life, online or otherwise, at this time. Since I can't honestly say I was the intended target audience, I gave this one a break on an Okay rating.

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