Monday, October 29, 2012

Rough Draft (Michael Robertson Jr)

Rough Draft
Michael Robertson Jr
MRob Media LLC
Fiction, Horror
**** (Good)

DESCRIPTION: Robert is a popular horror novelist with a playboy reputation. Finn's zombie apocalypse series has made the young man a national name, yet he still lives alone in a basement. Victoria may be the most well-known author of the genre, though she hides her emotions and her identity under the masculine pseudonym Vic. All three, threatened by an unknown blackmailer, make their way to a remote Colorado cabin. To free themselves, all they have to do is collaborate on a story about the nearby ghost town of Pike, a mining community whose residents vanished under mysterious circumstances over a century ago. It's a strange request, made under suspicious circumstances, but it's well within their collective abilities... at least, until they realize that they aren't alone. Lurking just outside the cabin door is a mystery, and a danger, more terrifying than anything they've ever written, plunging them into a story worse than any nightmare.

REVIEW: A fast-paced thriller, Rough Draft caught my attention quickly and held it through most of the book, with only a few lulls. The characters each bring their strengths and weaknesses, as people and authors, to the table, and while Victoria degenerates into an emotional wreck they nevertheless manage to gel into an effective team. Needless to say, the mystery of Pike produces some scary moments, not to mention more than one body. The conclusion, unfortunately, felt a little weak, costing the story a half-star. Otherwise, it was a quick and enjoyable read, just the thing for late October nights.

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