Thursday, June 4, 2020

Saga, Volume 1 (Brian K. Vaughan)

Saga, Volume 1
The Saga series, Issues 1 - 6
Brian K. Vaughan, illustrations by Fiona Staples
Image Comics
Fiction, Fantasy/Graphic Novel/Sci-Fi
***** (Great)

DESCRIPTION:The planet Landfall and its moon, Wreath, have been at war for so many generations that the entire galaxy has become embroiled, alien species forced to pick a side in a conflict seemingly without beginning and apparently without end. Captive soldier Marco and prison guard Alara could not hope to change that - but when they fell in love, they became outcasts and fugitives, hunted by both sides. When Alara gives birth to a daughter, their crimes are expounded exponentially: voluntarily breeding with the enemy is seen as betrayal and perversion of the worst kind. Everyone from the worst bounty hunters to a robotic prince is on their trail. But the new parents aren't about to give up on their little girl Hazel, or each other, without a fight... even if they're fighting the entire galaxy.

REVIEW: I'll admit to being a bit wary of hyped graphic novel series after being so disappointed by The Sandman, but another night of iffy sleep (and a Hoopla account on my tablet) prompted me to try this one. I was very pleasantly surprised. Though full of action and violence, Saga doesn't sacrifice humor or character development, with some great dialog and moments where no words are needed at all. For all the stuff being introduced, though, it was fairly easy to follow the storyline and keep track of the players. Saga establishes a wild galaxy of both magic and technology, of strange wonders and dark depravity, a galaxy that has been at war with itself for so long that nobody can even consider peace, prejudices against the other side deeply ingrained even on worlds and in species who have nothing to do with Landfall or Wreath (who have fallen into relative peace after outsourcing their endless war offworld.) The artwork is clear and imaginative. This is one graphic novel series that - thus far, at least - lives up to its hype.

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