Monday, January 8, 2018

Princeless: Make Yourself, Part 2 (Jeremy Whitley)

Princeless: Make Yourself, Part 2
The Princeless Series, Volume 6
Jeremy Whitley, illustrations by Brett Grunig, Emily Martin, and Alex Smith
Action Lab Entertainment
Fiction, YA Fantasy/Graphic Novel/Humor
**** (Good)

DESCRIPTION: Princess Adrienne's quest to free her sisters has taken her to the Rim, the frigid northern mountains of the dwarves... original home of Sparky, her guardian dragon turned faithful companion. While her friend Bedelia confronts her human mother, who ran away and left her with a drunken dwarf smith father in human lands, Adrienne and a dwarven guide seek out the twin towers of her twin sisters, Andrea and Antonia - who haven't let their captivity get in the way of their lifelong feud.

REVIEW: The previous Princeless installment suffered under excess weight, particularly in the subplot about Prince Ashe. I told myself that if this book felt similarly stretched, I'd give up on the series. Fortunately, this volume gets the story back on track, bringing back the humor, action, and character depth that made Adrienne's previous adventures so fun. It does this, in part, by ditching Ashe's overloaded, overslow storyline altogether. Bedelia finally gets the reconciliation (and recognition) she wanted, while Adrienne must test her mettle against a pair of ruthless bounty hunters (and her patience against her sisters.) The dragon Sparky, too, finally gets a homecoming and a meeting with her own lost mother - but it does not go quite as planned, endangering everyone's reunions. An enjoyable return to form, and one that has me eager for the next volume - and hoping Whitley plans to wrap the tale up soon. (Volume 5's unnecessary padding has left definite stretch marks on the overall plot...)

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