Monday, August 7, 2017

Birthright Volume 4: Family History (Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan)

Birthright Volume 4: Family History
(The Birthright series)
Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan, creators
Fiction, YA Fantasy/Graphic Novel
**** (Good)

DESCRIPTION: Wounded and possibly dying, Mikey Rhodes has found unlikely sanctuary with one of the mages he was sworn to kill: Sameal, his estranged grandfather. The foul Nevermind's grip on him is stronger than ever, but Mikey's family refuses to give up on him, even if it means defying powers the likes of which Earth has never seen. Besides, Mikey and Sameal aren't the only Rhodes men to have special powers: young Brennan finds magic waking in his own veins.
Meanwhile, Mikey's mother Wendy and his winged lover Rya remain captives of the sorceress Mastema, who reveals more about Terranos and the prophecy that ensnared Mikey than either want to hear...

REVIEW: The tale continues at a fast pace in this fourth volume of the Birthright saga. With Mikey sidelined for much of the tale, father Aaron and brother Brennan must step forward, even as fractures in family unity threaten them all. Aaron cannot quite forgive Sameal for abandoning him as a boy, and for not coming forward when Mikey went missing... but he must also come to terms with his own spotty parenting record, and his lack of faith in Brennan. Meanwhile, the surviving wizards pull out even more stops in their relentless pursuit of Mikey; they sacrificed Terranos to stop the Nevermind's spread, and aren't about to see Earth fall to the same evil, no matter the human cost. The women could use a little more dynamic roles at this point, mostly relegated to sitting around as captives talking to Mastema, but otherwise it's a fairly active story. I do hope there's a conclusion pending in another volume or two, though, as this pace can't be sustained indefinitely.

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