Friday, July 10, 2015

The Boy Who Cried Ninja (Alex Latimer)

The Boy Who Cried Ninja
Alex Latimer
Peachtree Publishers
Fiction, YA Picture Book
**** (Good)

DESCRIPTION: When a ninja steals the last slice of cake, Tim tells his mother, but she doesn't believe him. He gets sent to the yard to rake leaves and think about what he's done - but all he's done is tell the truth! The next time something strange happens - the sunburned alligator parachuting onto the roof and snapping the TV antenna - Tim lies and says he did it himself, but that just gets him in even more trouble. How can he convince anyone to believe him?

REVIEW: We had more down time at work, so I read this one while waiting for things to pick up again. It's a silly little story about truth and lies and proving you're right even when everyone else thinks you're wrong. (I could almost imagine a young Fox Mulder in Tim's place.) The pictures are bright and fun. It's a nice, light read that made me smile.

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