Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What Do You Do With an Idea (Kobi Yamada)

What Do You With an Idea?
Kobi Yamada, illustrations by Mae Besom
Compendium Inc
Fiction, YA Picture Book
****+ (Good/Great)

DESCRIPTION: A child discovers an idea. Where did it come from? What to do with it? And what will it become?

REVIEW: Another read during down time at work, this is a great title for anyone, young and old, who finds themselves both delighted and bedeviled by ideas. From surprise to bewilderment, from fear to pride, the nameless child learns how to nurture an idea that nobody else seems to understand. The odd concept is interestingly and imaginatively illustrated by Besom, flowing pictures full of hidden meanings that reveal something new each time you look at them. A fun and inspiring book!

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