Saturday, December 22, 2012

Simple But Effective Strategies to Improve Yourself (Robert Eastwood)

Simple But Effective Strategies to Improve Yourself
Robert Eastwood
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Nonfiction, Self-Help
*** (Okay)

DESCRIPTION: The author offers sixty-five strategies for self-improvement and achieving goals.
A Kindle-exclusive title.

REVIEW: Yes, I'll try most anything if it's offered as a freebie. This self-help guide delivers exactly what the title promises: a series of strategies and suggestions to help improve one's life while becoming happier and more productive. Like many such guides, the advice sounds so quick and easy that it's a wonder anyone still leads an unhappy, unfulfilled existence; in other words, what Eastwood sums up in a single glib paragraph often involves dedication and hard work to actually implement in one's life, an effort glossed over in the slick packaging. The same basic advice can be found in pretty much any self-help manual, with different emphasis and phrasing. Still, it reads fast, and it was free when I downloaded it. It gets Okay marks for being precisely what it states it is - no more, and no less. (I've been misled enough to appreciate such honesty in advertizing.)

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