Monday, November 19, 2012

How I Published My Book And Sold Thousands of Copies (Kenneth Tingle)

How I Published My Book And Sold Thousands of Copies
Kenneth Tingle
Kenneth Tingle, publisher
Nonfiction, Writing
*** (Okay)

DESCRIPTION: Many people dream of becoming published writers, but few are willing to put in the hard work it takes to make that dream a reality. Tingle, a self-published author, explains how he made his own success story.
A Kindle-exclusive title.

REVIEW: I had to laugh a little, reading this: Tingle's advice focuses almost exclusively on self-publishing and promoting physical printed books, first through local channels and then branching outward, yet this is an eBook-exclusive title. Maybe that's why some of this material felt a little dated, despite the modern format. (How does one leave a promotional copy of an eBook in the downtown barber shop? Are mass faxings, especially faxings with an admittedly deceptive premise, really a viable advertizing format these days?) Still, it's hard to argue with the sales figures he claims to have enjoyed using these tactics. His advice is fairly straightforward, if a little simplified. I can't say it spoke to me particularly, but it might help others.

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