Saturday, November 19, 2011

Write Good or Die (Scott Nicholson, editor)

Write Good or Die
Scott Nicholson, editor
Haunted Computer Books
Nonfiction, Writing
**** (Good)

DESCRIPTION: A prolific published author, Scott Nicholson compiles articles from several writers, discussing everything from finishing a manuscript through proper submission etiquette, self-promotion myths, today's rapidly-changing publishing world, and more.
(A Kindle exclusive title.)

REVIEW: While I admit I've never read any books by Nicholson (or the other contributors), I still recognized the ring of truth and experience in their words. With many short articles on many subjects, it lent itself well to my current schedule. (Between National Novel Writing Month writing blitzes and holiday projects, I don't have the time to sit down to a long story.) A good chunk of articles devote themselves to aftercare, tackling problems of getting a publisher's (or agent's) attention, suggestions for finding a reviewer, how e-books are changing the face of the industry (for the better, on the whole), and how to promote yourself without compromising writing time or the bottom line. After the "about the authors" afterword are several teasers for contributors' novels, more than one of which intrigued me. (It also acted as an object lesson highlighting points made in the book itself, about the benefits of cross-promotion.) A few minor formatting issues aside, it's a good and inspiring collection for any modern writer (or would-be writer.)
It was also a free Kindle download. Free always helps... though, in this case, the content was good enough that I wouldn't have minded paying.

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